Why do I need to add video to my website or social media page?

With over 80% of businesses using video marketing, you need to keep up with the competition.  You will also be raising your brand awareness, increasing sales opportunities and building authenticity with your customers at the same time.

What will you need from me to create a bitesize promo video?

We have access to a huge library of stock images and videos, which makes your life a breeze!  We add your logo and branding to the mix of course, and your own photos to tailor it to your business.  If you do wish to include some on-site video footage we can do that too, just get in touch and we’ll send you a no-obligation quote for this.

What if I need you to shoot a video clip on-site?

That’s completely fine.  We can come to your premises and take some video footage of you working in your business.  Our hourly rate is $110/hour+gst for on-site filming services.  Each video and every business is different, so the number of hours will depend on the content you wish to include.  Get in touch and we’ll send you a quote.

Do you do Brand videos?

Yes we do!  We have a Brand Story process that we like to follow, to help explain who you are and what you do.   Our 5 point brand story process includes:

  1. Asking your potential customers a question
  2. Framing your product/service as the solution
  3. Developing 3-5 key bullet points that explain what you do
  4. Showing some proof of your work
  5. Stating your call to action

Our Brand Story videos are very popular for small to medium businesses. We can shoot the video at your premises and our hourly rate is $110/hour+gst for these on-site services.  Get in touch and we’ll send you a quote for your brand story video.

What about video editing – can you edit video footage that I have taken myself?

We sure can!  Get in touch if you have some good video clips sitting on your phone or camera and want them edited into a professional video to share.  Check out our Video Editing page for details on this process and our monthly subscription editing service.

What about the loading of the final video to my Facebook page – is that easy to do?

Absolutely!  You just load it as you would load a photo.

Can you help load it to my website too?

Yes we can – we also build websites (Love2Web is our other business) so happy to help with this.

How long does it take you to create a 1 minute bitesize promo video?

If no shooting onsite is required, it can usually be turned around in less than a week if using stock or provided video footage.  If you require a video shoot to tell your brand story, it generally takes 3-4 weeks as there are more editing and reviewing stages.

What does it cost to create a 1 minute bitesize promo video?

Pricing starts at $350+gst for up to 1 minute promo video using stock or provide video footage.  There are additional hourly rate costs if on-site filming is required.  Click here to check out our Pricing Schedule.

Do you do Real Estate listing videos?

We sure do! A simple Real Estate listing video can be created using static images combined text and your branding for just $175+gst! Example is below:

I’m a Real Estate agent, can you help produce an intro video for me?

Yes we can help with that.  We can shoot the video at your offices or in the area that you work, and help you with advice on being your best authentic self on video.  Our hourly rate is $110/hour+gst for these filming services.  Get in touch and we can discuss details and send you a quote.

What are some key reasons to use video marketing?

  • Video Builds Trust…
  • Google Loves Videos …
  • Video Appeals to Mobile Users…
  • Video Marketing Can Explain Everything…
  • Video Boosts Conversions and Sales…
  • Video Shows Great ROI…
  • Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers…
  • Video Encourages Social Shares.

Do you offer a discount for not-for-profits?

Yes we do.  For a detailed quotation, please get in touch.  We also donate two videos per year for good causes, and you can check out our first donated video on the Sponsorship page.

If you have any questions you think we should add to this FAQ page, please contact us.