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Tell your story

Do you want your customers to understand what you do and how they can buy from you?  Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

A good brand story video will help your business come alive.  Over 80% of businesses use video marketing, so get on board and ride the video wave!

Our 5 step Brand Story process

We have a Brand Story process that will guide you on ideas to best explain who you are and what you do.   Our 5 step brand story video process includes:

  1. Asking your potential customers a question
  2. Framing your product/service as the solution
  3. Developing 3-5 key bullet points that explain what you do
  4. Showing some proof of your work (eg. testimonials)
  5. Stating your call to action (e.g. contact us now to book an appointment).

Live interview – the Brand Story process

In the following live interview, I explain how the 5 step Brand Story video process works:


Our Brand Story videos are very popular for small to medium businesses and campaigns.

A 1-2 minute brand video including film shoot, editing and production ranges from $550-1500+gst, depending on the individual requirements.  Please refer to our Pricing Guide for full details or get in touch to discuss your needs.

We also offer affordable bite-site promo videos (where film shoot is not required) and you can find more information on our Bite-Size Promo Videos page.

What our customers say

Check out our Testimonials page.  Read about how others have found making a brand video easier than they expected.

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