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Video Editing

Do you already have video footage that needs editing?  Maybe you want to create regular videos but need help with the editing? 

As you know, video is a great tool to use to promote your products and services. But if you are sharing with your customers or prospects you want your videos to look professional. That’s where we can help.

Our video editing services are very affordable, and we offer a FREE 20 minute no obligation phone conversation to discuss your needs.

How it works:

Step 1 – Talk to us about what you want to achieve with your video.

Step 2 – Send us your raw footage/video clips taken on your phone or camera.

Step 3 – We add branding, titles, etc and edit out the “um’s” and “ah’s” to create a cohesive video.

Step 4 – You review the final video and sign it off.  It’s then ready for use on social media and websites.

Easy as that!

Monthly Editing Service

We also offer a monthly editing service if you’d like to have a regular video series.  Some benefits of producing regular video content include:

  • keeping your customers informed with regular updates
  • video is 80% more likely to engage your customers than just text
  • consistent branded content is easier and faster to produce with videos
  • reduced video production costs to you (our monthly subscription is a discounted rate)

Contact us to find out more and let us help you get your videos out there!

Video Portfolio

Our Vimeo channel shows the wide range of businesses we work with, and examples of the different types of videos we produce.

>> View our Video Portfolio