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Octobertest – Testimonial Videos

Would you agree that really great client testimonials are GOLD? And if recorded on video they’re even more valuable?  Video client testimonials help to build trust, add to your credibility, and drive sales.
But, you can sometimes feel uncomfortable asking for a testimonial, or you may not have the capacity to do this with video and make it look professional. So I have the perfect solution for you.

Testimonials on video

✔ The secret weapon = use a third party!

Let me work directly with your client (in any location) to interview them via a video call and record a video testimonial for you! It makes all the difference having a third party involved.
Simply connect me with your client and I will do the rest.
I will interview them, record and edit their testimonial – adding your branding and call to action to the final video. Once it’s ready, simply load it to your socials and website. So easy!
Check out my special offer below, and get in touch before 31 October 2022 to lock in this deal!
Most clients need more than one testimonial to share, so this is a multi-video package offer. Prices are exclusive of GST.
Note: The regular price for 3 x remotely recorded Testimonial videos is $1200.


Option 1: Pay $997 today (save over $200) for 3 x Testimonial videos
Option 2: Get started for $175, then 3 payments of $320 (save $65) for 3 x Testimonial videos
Are you ready to get those gold nuggets from your clients into shareable videos for your website & social media?
Call me on 021 261 4915 or email me today and let’s make it happen.

Testimonial Examples

Full Video Portfolio

Our Vimeo channel shows the wide range of businesses we work with, and examples of all the different types of videos we produce including Brand Videos, Life Story Videos and more.

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