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Brand Videos

Share your brand story on video

Do you want your customers to understand what you do and how they can buy from you?  Do you want them to get to know, like and trust you?

A good brand story video will help you achieve this and deliver real results.  Over 85% of businesses use video marketing to promote their brand, so get on board and ride the video wave! If you’re not using video in your marketing yet, you really need to get started now. Below are some recent client brand videos:

We have a Brand Story process that we follow, to help explain who you are and what you do.   The 5 point brand story process includes:

  1. Asking your potential customers a question related to their current needs
  2. Framing your product/service as the solution to this
  3. Developing 3-5 key bullet points that explain what you can do to help them
  4. Showing some proof or evidence of your work, e.g. testimonials
  5. Stating your call to action – what do you want them to do next.

Following the above process, I work closely with you to help you create an authentic and engaging script for your brand story video.  I will guide on the best setting for the video, and help you prepare for the video shoot.  On the shoot day, I take time to ensure you are relaxed on camera and if necessary we can hire additional equipment (such as autocues) if you feel that you need those.

>> Grab a copy of my 5 Point Brand Story Process

Brand Video Portfolio

>> View the Brand Video Showcase

My Vimeo channel shows the wide range of businesses I work with, and examples of all the different types of videos I produce.  As well as brand videos, you may also want to consider creating client Testimonial videos as these are a great way to build trust and credibility, and will work in a similar way as word-of-mouth referrals.

>> View our Vimeo channel

What my customers say

Check out my Testimonials page.  Read about how others have found making a brand video easier than they expected.


My Brand Story videos are very popular for small to medium businesses and campaigns.

A 2-3 minute brand video including film shoot, editing and production ranges from $850-1500+gst, depending on the individual requirements.  Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Get in touch and we can have a chat about your brand story video needs.  Call Nicola on 021 261 4915 for a FREE 20 minute phone call and start your brand story journey today!